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On behalf of Hattie, Marlene and myself I would like to tell you how much we appreciate all you did to get our land sold. You really went to work, and got results for us much sooner than we had expected. They can now pay off bills and I can invest in my future...and hopefully have inheritance for my daughters. Ashley was such a calming effect for us. Never having done something like this we were very apprehensive. She held us all together. Thanks for all you did to bring about a happy ending. Sincerely,

-Shirley, Client

We wanted to thank you for all your patience, guidance, support and advocacy in our new home buying process. It was stressful but you helped us feel comfortable throughout this process--which was priceless. We are so lucky and grateful to have you next to us throughout this journey. Now time to celebrate! Thanks again,

-Annie & Luie, Clients

Thank you for a smooth transaction. I look forward to many cross sales in the future. If I can ever help you in anyway please let me know.

-Keith, REALTOR(R)

On behalf of the Business Department of St Andrews, the 21st Century Management Students would like to thank you for taking the time to discuss your personal experiences within the business world. Sincerely,

-John, Student

I want to tell you thank you so much for all you and Ashley did for me. I know it was way beyond the norm and so appreciated. If you get to Seattle call me and I want you to know you have a place to stay...and good scotch. Fondly,

-Barbara, Client

Thank you so much for the St Andrews tie. Very kind. Very thoughtful. It brings back many memories of growing up in Laurinburg. I will wear it with pride.

-Jimmy, REALTOR(R)

Thank you for going with me to the Cumberland County Community Foundation Soiree! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and successful end of the year. All the best,

-Paul, Colleague and Friend

You prepared me for so much and I want to thank you for leading from the front. Thank you for calling me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to grow...Thank you for molding me from a formidable young 20 year old to an almost 30 year old woman who feels entirely capable of holding her own. Always,

-Ashley, Former Team Member and REALTOR(R)

...attached is a check...it's not much, but I hope it can at least contribute in some way to help these families, and thank you for leading this cause. I'm humbled by your generosity and energy. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Love,

-Annaliese, Client...and now friend

Thank you again for referring me to Jennifer & Michael. They are a real pleasure to work with and I enjoyed every minute. Come see us in Alabama! Thanks again,

-Howard, REALTOR(R)

Thank you, for giving us the chance to do good work and to do business with good people. Thanks again,

-Linda and Richard, Vendors

Just so you know...the love and support you always give to us, your team, we will return to you during your recovery and always! We have your "back"!!!!

-Ashley, Ethan, Joy, Trey, Valerie-Team Members

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